Where soccer meets creativity

Undefined Futbol is a one-of-a-kind youth program where we provide a creative space to teach the exciting new sport of freestyle soccer or self expression with a ball.



"This academy is amazing! We absolutely love the self confidence it gives the kids!"

- Jessy Q.




1. Fun

Freestyle is so much fun and amazing exercise! Kids who enjoy soccer love the freedom freestyle provides to simply play and create their own tricks and style. 

2. Control

It's no coincidence all the stars of the soccer world know the fundamentals of freestyle. Freestyle soccer has significant benefits to improving one's control with the ball. We make sure everybody is challenged to take their control to the next level! 

3. Creativity

Freestyle soccer is inherently a creative sport and we make it a priority to create an environment that stays true to that, where all of our students are inspired to express themselves with a ball!

4. Growth

Freestyle is confidence building and requires lots of persistence, determination, and focus. We help cultivate these skills in our young freestylers and don't stigmatize mistakes as we know trial and error is the proven method for success. 

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