Undefined Futbol Fest brings freestyle soccer athletes from around the country and the local community together to simply jam with the ball, have friendly battles, eat food, and most importantly cultivate great community. This is a family friendly event where free workshops are provided and there’s a strong culture of inclusivity. Thanks to all of the support we've received the momentum this particular event has gained has attracted some of the best freestyle soccer athletes from around the country. A little history of UF Fest: Undefined Futbol from its inception all started as a grassroots movement which provided the East Coast USA Freestyle scene with regular events to help grow this community and provide more opportunities to bond over this mutual passion. These events came to be known as Undefined Futbol Fest where it's not uncommon for freestylers to take long drives, trains, buses, and some have even taken flights to attend which is truly so appreciated and humbling to us. We would love for you to come and attend one and this upcoming one is your chance!

Once a month;

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(Inside the dance studio) 

4477 Aquia Creek Ln, Fairfax, VA 22030 bottom floor of the Johnson Center building at George Mason University.

“Undefined Futbol has a
positive impact to the freestyle community by hosting freestyle meet ups that
bring people together across the country.” -
 Current USA Freestyle Football Champion Ebubekir Tas