The Freestyle Against Hunger Project is a freestyle soccer  video contest/campaign to help raise support and awareness to those in poverty with need of food. We believe freestyle can contribute to so much more than winning a freestyle battle or improving one's touch on the pitch. This project is us acting on that belief! Read more below to see how to join us in this work.

100% of proceeds will go to the non profit World Central Kitchen ( We'll cover the prize costs.

Watch the 7/31 Highlights:


7/31 Freestyle Against Hunger Hightlights

Participate with 3 easy steps!


  1. Pay the $10 entry fee/donation using the form below

  2. Upload your favorite, best, funniest (10-30 seconds) freestyle clip to Instagram using the hashtag #fsagainsthunger by 7/31/20 . Important: if your Instagram settings are set to private or you don't want to upload to Instagram you can email us your clip to

  3. On (8/3/20) we'll be releasing a 3 minute compilation video of some of our favorite clips and our top 3 picks who will be chosen to win the prize for this month! All of the updates will be sent to our newsletter Instagram, and Facebook. *Clips will be featured on our social media platforms

This months deadline: July 31st


This month's top 4 picks will win: any t-shirt from our online store (custom designed with your name on the back!) with one out of the 4 according to the draw of a hat receiving an official match ball!




Francisco Ascencio

- Founder of Undefined Futbol

- Ranked top 16 - 2019 USA National  

Redbull Streetstyle


Patrick Shaw

- Top 16 in the World - 2019 Redbull Streetstyle World Finals 2019

- USA Freestyle Soccer Champion -

Redbull Streetstyle


Khalib Baksh

- FYP Freestyle Champion 2019

- Ranked top 8 - 2019 National Freestyle Championships

BONUS: All participants will be emailed an exclusive discount code for our online freestyle soccer academy! 

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