Get creative with the ball!

 Learn Freestyle Soccer with us 

Social distancing and mask wearing practiced

All experience levels welcome!

Boys and girls 8 years old+

Undefined Futbol is a freestyle soccer company which specializes in coaching, encouraging, and entertaining kids with freestyle soccer! Our programs develop juggling foundations, teach kids amazing tricks, help them significantly improve ball control, and help build their discipline/confidence with and without the ball.


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Introduction to Undefined Futbol

"My 9 yr old son has had absolutely amazing time with Undefined Futbol. The classes are helping explore his creativity with the ball and his confidence is increasing day by day. After every single session he learns a new trick, the coaches are very encouraging and positive."

  - David T.


Training will be inside the Urban Evolution Gym: 5505 Cherokee Ave, Alexandria, VA 22312 with social distancing (8 feet apart) and masks required for the whole practice 



In our programs you will get great exercise and learn:

  1.  Juggling drills and foundations

  2. Technical and really fun tricks!

  3. Learning freestyle sets & combinations

  4. How to perform and create a performance

  5. How to compete in freestyle competitions

  6. The value of discipline and training smart


  * We don't tolerate bullying in our classes. We are all about      respect for all and building each other up as a class.

         *Advanced training for veterans!

       *Undefined Futbol t - shirt included!



Francisco Ascencio

founder of Undefined Futbol

It is my joy to encourage kids on their journey in life and teach the discipline and principles I’ve learned in large part due to freestyle soccer. I’ve performed around the country ever since I was 17 years old for professional soccer teams/organizations such as La Liga, Ligue 1, D.C. United, New York Redbulls, Chicago Fire. Now my career is teaching kids this new creative sport that has really been such an important part of my life.


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