Undefined Futbol is committed to serving people through our passion for freestyle soccer. We’re convinced freestyle soccer has a unique ability to bring people together, inspire creativity, and promote overall fitness! We run a year-round freestyle soccer academy (now online!) that highlights the artistic side of soccer to empower the youth, build character, stimulate creativity, and learn amazing skills. Additionally we do birthday parties and regularly host Undefined Futbol Fest (featured in the picture below), a large scale grassroots freestyle soccer event which attract visitors from all around the country to partake and be a part of the Undefined Futbol community.

"It's about expressing yourself, and having fun. That's the most important thing, to enjoy what you do. "

- Andrew Henderson 

5 x World Freestyle Champion

Francisco Ascencio


"It's hard to overstate the impact freestyle has made on my life, as I'm driven by the conviction that freestyle has a unique ability to change lives. This sport is my primary means of self expression, and I'm captivated with how freestyle emphasizes a unique blend of individuality and fitness; a unique combination indeed. Freestyle has provided me with a great and positive community whilst instilling me with a firm tenacity, confidence, and work ethic both in and outside of freestyle."

Born in the USA, and ethnically from El Salvador and Nicaragua. Francisco started freestyle soccer in 2011, and has placed 3rd in the USA Freestyle Football Championships in 2013, started the Undefined Futbol movement in 2017, and organized the first freestyle soccer competition in Virginia alongside professional soccer player Lauryn Hutchinson in 2019 . He has performed for many professional brands and soccer teams: Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Ligue 1, D.C. United, Chicago Fire, and New York Red Bulls, FYP Revolution, Live Breath Futbol etc. Extremely competitive, he loves to train everything in his freestyle and consistently improve.

Dawson Ash



"Freestyle soccer, along with soccer are my favorite sports to both watch and do. It's been such an exciting journey to be part of a movement larger than yourself, and I'm so excited to see what the future holds."




An avid freestyle soccer athlete and social media influencer Dawson was born in the USA and is a student at George Mason University. In addition to his athletic prowess, Dawson loves creating awesome video content on his Instagram and Youtube page @dashfc where he has amassed well over 100k followers throughout his platforms.

Khalib Baksh

Ace Performer/

 Social Media Assistant


"Freestyle has changed my life so much for the better. I've made so many of my closest friends from this sport in addition to the value of discipline, focus, and creativity."



Khalib is a rising star in the USA Freestyle Soccer Scene having placed #1 in the Undefined Freestyle Football Championship in 2019 and is known internationally among the freestyle scene for his dynamic style and incredible Jordan stall variations. An avid performer he's performed for many companies and professional soccer clubs including Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Ligue 1, D.C. United.

Imelda Ascencio


"I'm so grateful to have encountered freestyle and I find great joy in sharing this sport with others."

Currently ranked #4 female freestyler in the USA (Redbull Streetstyle 2019) Imelda was born in the USA, and is ethnically from Nicaragua and El Salvador. Currently an honors student at Virginia Commonwealth University studying political science, she is a freestyle soccer enthusiast with a wide array of skills, and a heart to share freestyle soccer with the world. Imelda has worked with many professional soccer teams and brands such as:

La Liga, Real Madrid, Atletico De Madrid, FYP Revolution, etc..

Sammy Almahi



"My heart is in this brand, this culture, and this community. The moment I decided to become a freestyler was the moment I realized that freestyle offers an opportunity to live an unparalleled lifestyle which fosters individuality in a way unlike any other sport. In freestyle, we are more than athletes, we are artists. We become recognized by our craft. And to be able to manifest my own artistry in a way that amazes people and makes them smile, that is a gift which is unmatched."

Currently ranked among the top 8 freestylers in the country (Redbull Streetstyle 2019), Sammy is a half American, half Moroccan freestyler based in Washington, DC and Boston, MA. Currently an honors student at the George Washington University studying International Business, the 19-year-old started freestyle in 2015 after being inspired by documentaries of freestyle athletes travelling the world, competing, having fun, and living what freestylers call the "freestyle life." Today, Sammy is widely renowned for his unique side body style of tricks which incorporate lower body dynamics combined with a variety of signature moves and placed 2nd in the USA Freestyle Football Championships in 2018. He has performed for many big brands and soccer teams such as: FC Bayern Munich,

Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, US Women's National Team, T Mobile, etc..